Thursday, July 26, 2012

P1 rises MiFi MF230 together with Dark Knight@ P1

Nowadays people not only finding for the most advanced device, they also finding the most high speed and convenient data plan to make sure they can connect everywhere.

But it is such a tough mission to choose whether want to use M, D, C or P company data plan cause all have their good and bad comment.

So I'm here to share a good news with everybody.

Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. or well-known by people as P1 had launches its new MiFi MF230 in conjunction with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie blockbuster.

MiFi is stands for my personal modem
Wow, such a good term right, a modem that own by yourself,
no need to share your speed with other
and keep connecting everywhere.

Q: There are a lot of data plan in the market, why MiFi is good news for everybody?

“Many people have two or more devices that can include the laptop, smart phone, tablet, WiFi camera and gaming device. To connect all these devices with different broadband plans would be expensive and inconvenient. Everyone should get their own MiFi (personal 4G WiFi) and now they can”
P1 CEO Michael Lai.

According to P1 CEO, Micheal Lai, people today have too much devices, and it will be so expensive and inconvenient if sign up with different broadband plans. But if we didn't sign up for data plan, then we will suffer a lot for finding the public wifi when we are outside (the situation that I always faced >"<)
But now our problem had been settle with the Mifi P1 MiFi, which can serve broadband connection to six devices, five via WIFI and one via USB port

You can see it is really small and easy to bring on-the-go
From the left to right
UH235, MF230 and UT235 

It is not only convenient, but the price also much more reasonable than other data plan. We only need to pay RM100 then we can get any standard P1 ToGo™ plan, its combo OnePlan™ or as an add-on to the ForHome™ plan. This means that the MiFi (personal 4G WiFi) can be as accessible as a once-off RM100 device fee plus a monthly fee of RM39. Those who seek performance can opt for the mid to high plans which offer uncapped speed and up to 10GB usage quota. 
Competitor MiFi products range from RM250 to over RM400.

If you are interest with Mifi, but you have any inquiry,
you can chat with them online;
talk with them in facebook;
or tweet them in twitter ~

As part of the campaign, any P1 MiFi with plan purchase comes with exclusive ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ merchandise for a limited time while stocks last.
To find out more about the P1 MiFi modem and plans, please visit

This is the prize that my friend win from P1 contest,
and the merchandises she receive include USB Cable for different slot, mouse, headset, pen, card reader, lamp
Wow, my friend had win a lot of freebies, but this is from the contest.
 I not sure whether the P1  is giving the same item when you sign up the plan,
so anybody who want to sign up to get the merchandise, I suggest you better check out with them first ^^.