Thursday, March 28, 2013

超多食谱的网站@Asia Food

Though I'm not a really good cooker = = or should I admit myself "I don't know how to cook >"<"

But I can't stop myself from keep looking for those cute and delicious food recipe.

Then I found this facebook page "Asia Food Recipe - Singapore" and I fall in love with ti >"<

FB Profile Picture
So let see why I like the page so much, of course one of the reason is the profile picture is so cute la XD

This facebook page not only show the nice picture of those delicious food, yet it still list out the full recipe of it. 

OMG! I really like to eat kuih lapis ^^

You not only can get those food recipe from Asia Food Recipe, you also can upload your own recipe to share with other, just like how we say "sharing is caring"

That's not all, other than food recipe, you still can get the info of cooking class from the facebook page  too  

though the cooking class only held in Singapore, but I wish one day it can come to Malasia so I can have a chance to join 

The most interesting in the facebook -  facebook contest
Their prize is really attractive, all about kitchen ware but is all cute kitchen ware, and for what I found, all their winner also are so cute >"<

So who like Hello Kitty can go to try their luck
Just click into Asia food Recipe Singapore contest tab, fill in your detail and wait for the lucky god to find you