Monday, March 11, 2013

小永的第一次博文@dancing fish

这是一篇小永写的博文, 非常令小佩惊讶 = =

去年的十二月份, 小佩赢得了Dancing Fish价值RM100的餐劵

Dancing Fish有两家分行, 两家都在selangor, 所以小佩就把消灭餐劵的任务交给了小永, 并时时提醒他记得快点用 = =


It is time to spend the dancing fish voucher after it having a long stay in my bag (expire soon)..... 
Hehe procrastination everywhere…     
After greet by the waiter, we pick a spot far from the air-cond as it is freezing cold in bangsar shopping center. 
P/S: Today is raining day n the bangsar shopping center have no sense that human is not a penguin= =”

As soon as the order was taken, the waiter served us with this emping with very nice sambal! 
But we have very tight budget due to the voucher >.<”  
so we ask the waiter took back the emping n he left us the sambal hehe.

Just few min later, the Bebek Goreng Bali is served and we have no idea how to start to eat that thing 
= =
It is half duck n then the nice waiter offer to cut for us. 
Thank Christ, we start to walloped the duck into the bone. Just kidding… 
The chili sauce is perfect match with the duck n we try with the sambal n turn out it really can match with everything spicy haha. 

Dang dang dang dang~~ 
the main thing is coming, the dancing fish~~ 
It look angry even with a lot of delicious mango with her. 
The nice waiter offer to cut again but this time it is too quick so I have to ask he to wait after the photograph session with the fish. 
After superstar is cut, we ate it haha ! 
Some part of the bone is edible but I have a hard time to judge which is edible 
= = It is tricky.

Oh god my stomach is bloat n I have to eat the mouthwatering lychee gelato.
So this moral value tells us that u have to bring more friends to eat holiao = =.
Stuff their stomach with what u don’t want haha.